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A Radically Different Approach from
Traditional Business Requirements Gathering Methods
for Enterprise Software Projects

Radically different from what, and in what way?

Radically different from the nearly universal practice of gathering and analyzing business requirements solely within the context of individual instances of individual enterprise systems (either prior to an enterprise software project, during one, or a combination of both).

Radically different in that our method creates a permanent database of how your company does businessóbusiness transaction by business transaction. The reusable database is updated when changes occur in how your company does business. The reusable database is available for use by all business software projects across the enterprise for eliciting the business requirements that ensure critical expectations for all phases of the project are documented as requirements. This permanent library of how your company does business is one part of what we call the Abstract Business System Description, which is explained in several articles available on this web site.
A Radically Different Approach from Traditional Business Requirements Gathering Methods - radically different because:
  • We contend that traditional business requirements gathering methods are a root cause of enterprise software project failures. The reason is that they often leave critical business expectations assumed and undocumented for some or all phases of the project.
  • Our requirements approach is about how a company does business-business transaction by business transaction. This approach insures all critical business expectations are known and documented as requirements. It ensures buyers and users get what they expected, at the price they expected to pay or within the project's budgeted amount.
  • Creates a permanent and reusable database of business requirements for the operation of a company's abstract business system.
The missing component in system projects for enterprise software... usually a complete and fully detailed description of the work that all of a company's systems taken as a whole must support. "The work that all of a company's systems taken as a whole must support" might be called that company's abstract business system. A company's abstract business system consists of all the work performed within the company in the course of doing business. An Abstract Business System Description, which is what our product produces, defines a company's abstract business system...
  • In business terms (not in technical or software package-specific terms)
  • In the language of the people who perform the work
  • In terms of the work-related interactions between
    • People within and outside of the company,
    • The various functional areas within the company,
    • And the systems that support these people.
Uses for the Abstract Business System Description
  • Enterprise evaluation, acquisition, implementation and upgrade projects
  • In-house software development projects
  • System audit and break/fix projects
  • Planning the integration of disparate systems in order to serve a combined purpose
  • Enhancement and modification planning
  • Regulatory compliance, on its own or following a system replacement or enhancement
  • Certification compliance such as ISO, etc.
  • Remediation projects
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