Adaptive Growth | A Radically Different Approach from Traditional Requirements Gathering Methods

A Radically Different Approach from
Traditional Requirements Gathering Methods
for Enterprise Software Projects

Who We Are

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Who We Are. The principals and associates at Adaptive Growth have been in what is now called the ERP industry since the early 1970's. We've been directly involved in hundreds of major software implementations in manufacturing and distribution companies. We've been on the edges of many more, and software we've developed has been implemented in many times that number. During these 40+ years we've seen many aspects of the industry change utterly and just as many stay the same as they ever were.

Who we were. Our backgrounds are in what is now called the ERP industry. We have sold hundreds of ERP systems, managed the implementation projects for those systems and developed software that was added onto those systems. We've been doing this since the early '70s, and if we could claim to never have made the same mistake twice, our powers would now be bordering on the supernatural.

What we've seen.
We've seen great successes, disastrous failures and everything in between. Over time we've come to notice something that took us a while to focus on, just because we never expected to see it. This is the simple fact that success or failure didn't seem to depend very much on which product was being implemented (even when it was ours), nor on who was hired to implement it (even when it was us). Success seemed to depend, more than anything, on how the company that was paying the bills managed the entire process, from conception through final implementation. And we've drawn some conclusions from this, which have led us to where we are today.

What we've seen as a very significant change in the last thirty years
has been the passage from single source solutions, where the (only) seller bore significant risk if the project failed for any reason at all, to today's environment, where the buyer assumes all risk because the seller is never responsible for making the system work as a whole and the buyer does not control the buying process when evaluating, acquiring, implementing or upgrading business software—especially ERP systems.

What we've not seen change much in the last thirty years:
traditional requirements gathering methods used to elicit requirements for enterprise software system projects.

What that's led us to: A radically different approach from the requirements gathering methods that have been traditionally used for enterprise software projects of any kind. We contend the reason enterprise software projects continue (after 40 years and counting) to fail at such a high rate is the use of traditional requirements gathering methods. We contend companies want a solution to the high failure rate of enterprise software projects and their negative impact. We contend companies need an approach to these kinds of projects that they can implement without engaging sellers or outside resources. We contend companies will embrace a product designed to deliver on the critical expectations for all phases of an enterprise software project.   

We have invented nothing in creating our solution to enterprise software project failures. What we have invented is an approach to requirements gathering that delivers a unique kind of statement of requirements that ensures success in all the phases of these kinds of projects.

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